New Hair Growth Discovery

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hair loss New Hair Growth DiscoveryScientists say they have uncovered the cure for baldness.

Basically they say that baldness is the result of sleepy stem cells, this comes from university of pensivania. For a long time they have thought that it was a lack of hair folical stem cells. But they took samples from men with baldness to determine this new finding.

They will be checking women and people who are completely bald to verify their research.

Researchers think they can reactivate cells, by removing them, waking them up and replanting them into the head. 50 percent of people over the age of 50 will lose some type of hair.

It is anticipated that it will still be a long way off before they can see their findings becoming the norm. Right now the research is still a long way from being implemented

Until then rogaine and propecia will continue to be popular

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